Chef Mark’s Spicy Creole Shrimp Dip

Okay. Let’s be Cajun for a day.  Grab a six pack of your beer of choice, Red Stripe works well here, and have a couple of brews while you’re bringing a quart of water to a boil.

In the meantime, make some creole mustard while you’re enjoying the brews:

It’s 6 Tbsp. Dijon mustard to 1/2 tsp. of Worcestershire to a splash of Tabasco…oooooiiii. Add 2 ounces of prepared horseradish, 1/2 a lemon squeezed through your fingers (seeds aint no Cajun) and a half cup of oil. Whisk that baby up with some of your favorite hot pepper sauce and you gots your remoulade.

When the water comes to a simmer throw in some salt and 1 pound of raw shrimp ( advanced Cajun cooks can make a boil with 1 Tbsp. of old bay, 1 bay leaf, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 Tbsp. peppercorns, 4 garlic cloves, 1 lemon sliced-squeezed and thrown in with some fresh thyme sprig) simmer 15 minutes.
Cook shrimp about 5 minutes and drain, cool and dry on towel.

Use the same pot and get some more cold water started with 2 eggs at the start.  Turn up the flame.
Pop another beer.
When the water starts to simmer cover it and cook 7 minutes…bam…hard boiled eggs!  Set aside.

That beer should have you feeling mighty fine, so now take a half of a yellow onion and chop it up good.  Add it to the Remoulade. Do the same with a half a Green bell pepper. Go get those eggs, peel em, rough chop em and add to the mix. Chop up those shrimps and fold (that’s a culinary term) into the mix. Season with salt, cayenne pepper and chill for 1 hour.

Go buy more beer and your favorite crackers.  Enjoy the dip I do declare!