Summer Grilling Tips & Recipe from Chef Mark


May 31, 2016

Let the grilling season commence.

I’m always perplexed as I witness the BBQ frenzy each year as Memorial Day approaches. For me, along with thousands of other outdoor enthusiasts here in Colorado, grilling is a way of life a full 365 days a year.

Grilling over an open flame evokes all your senses unlike anything else I know of. The sound of the sizzle as the red hot flame jumps up to greet your offering, promising a perfect seer, never gets old. Soon, the aroma of your marinade mingling with the intense heat of the grill permeates the yard…hungry yet?

Before I submit a wonderful recipe from a place were BBQ and grilling go back thousands of years, I wanted to share a few do’s and don’ts that will maximize your efforts and enhance your experience.

1. Make sure your grill grates are super clean. This will eliminate anything sticking and tearing up the food you have chosen so carefully for your friends and family.

2. Create a super hot grilling environment. What sets grilling apart from all other techniques is the intense heat that seals in all the flavors and juices.

3. Most importantly, once on the grill, LEAVE THE FOOD ALONE!!!  So many of us check, re-check, turn, move around, etc. Turn once, flip once! Be patient, Let the fire do its job. The edges of the food will signal to you when it’s time to turn or flip.

4. Keep a spray bottle of water handy to calm down any overly zealous flames. We want to manage our fire, not extinguish it.

I’ve selected a Brazilian BBQ recipe I particularly enjoy. Make this your own anyway you see fit. Caio Baby!

Chili and Cumin Marinated Hanger Steak

What you’ll need:
• 7 oz. Hanger Steak (skirt or flank will do just fine)
• Chili and Cumin marinade: 1 habenero + 1 red bell pepper minced together. ( This will replicate the malagueta chili from Brazil which IA unavailable here
• 6 garlic cloves- roughly chopped
• 3 tbsp Mirin (Japanese rice wine)
• 2 tbsp Red Wine vinegar
• 2 tsp Sea salt
• 2 tsp Cumin(preferably toasted)
• 1 tsp dry oregano
• ¼ cup light olive oil


Toss steaks with the marinade, cover with plastic and refrigerate 4 hours or overnight.

Set up grill as described above in the grilling tips. Wipe marinade from steaks and grill.

When done to desired temperature, remove from grill, brush with additional marinade. Set to rest 5 minutes.

Serve with some grilled Pineapple rings and your favorite sides. Enjoy!

-Chef Mark Gordan

Download tips and recipe as a PDF by clicking below.

Summer Grilling Tips & Recipe