The Sink & Travel Boulder’s 2019 Boulder Bucket List

2019 Boulder Bucket List


Visiting Boulder or showing off our unique community to your out-of-town guests? Our friends at Travel Boulder have created a bucket list with plenty of great activities. From hiking Chautauqua to an adventure along the Boulder Beer Trail – with a stop at our sister restaurant, West Flanders – there’s something for everyone! Of course, they couldn’t have created The 2019 Boulder Bucket List without including a stop at Boulder’s oldest restaurant- The Sink!

Write your name on the wall at The Sink. 

We’re not advocating vandalism; this historic burger (and more) joint is known for its graffiti- and art-smothered walls and ceilings. You gotta get a Sinkburger and take in the funny art on the walls to truly understand Boulder (not that anyone truly knows this town). Before you leave, leave your mark on the wall to prove you were here.” details Travel Boulder.

Please do not sign anywhere on the walls or artwork! But you’re more than welcome to sign our ceiling with a marker!

You can check out the full article here, but don’t stop there! – Head on in to experience The Sink for yourself!