The Sink Ceiling

January 12, 2016

It’s a tradition spanning decades. Tens of thousands of CU students have taken to The Sink the morning of their graduation commencement ceremony to sign their name on our famed ceiling. Donning their caps and gowns, students wait outside before our open time of 7 AM to earn this rite of passage. To graduating students, signing your name on The Sink’s ceiling signifies the passage from student to alumnus, and graduation day wouldn’t be complete without it. [Back in the 70’s, graduates would actually burn their names into the ceiling. Warning: This practice no longer flies with the fire department.]

Make sure to take a photo of where you sign your name! The fun part comes years later, when alumni return to The Sink over Homecoming Weekend and struggle to find their name again in the sea of signatures.

Congratulations, graduates!