President Obama at The Sink

Obama and staff at the sink

January 26, 2016

You’re having a typical afternoon in beautiful Boulder, eating lunch at The Sink with a friend. You’re halfway through your Ugly Crust Pizza when four gentlemen in the booth next to you stand up, and one begins to yell.

“If you do not want to meet the President of the United States, you need to leave the building now!”

Confusion arises, and the man continues, “we are a part of the Secret Service. President Obama is on his way right now to The Sink. Anyone who wishes to remain will be escorted to the back room for inspection.”

And so begins one of the wildest surprises in Sink history. President Barack Obama was scheduled to speak at the University of Colorado. Thousands were waiting nearby at Coors Events Center for him to address the student body and community members, but the President was making a quick detour: he was hungry!

Our staff had no prior notion that he was planning to visit. The Secret Service detailed The Sink to make sure that it was safe for his arrival. Any guests in the restaurant who chose to stay and meet him were frisked in the Rat Room. All of the silverware was removed from the tables, and the kitchen knives were put out of sight.

When he was about to enter The Sink, a student accidentally knocked the contents of her Rush bowl onto his pants. He graciously laughed (and wiped) it off, and even opened up his talk at Coors Event Center an hour later discussing the memorable incident.

The President ordered the Sinkza pizza, a classic with pepperoni, sausage, black olives, green peppers, and red onions. While he waited for his ‘za, he shook hands, chatted with guests, and posed for photos.

In one of the most unexpected visits to The Sink of all time, President Obama made it a day that many Sink regulars would not soon forget. We have since re-named the Sinkza pizza the “POTUS” pie. Come in and ask for table 54 to see exclusive photos from Obama’s visit that day!

maddy and president obama.jpg