Wall of Fame

Denver Broncos Running Back, Philip Lindsay Signs the Wall of Fame

Former CU football player and current Denver Broncos running back, Philip Lindsay surprised us with a visit tonight! He came back to his old stomping grounds to root for the University of Colorado's Men’s basketball game at the CU Events Center on the CU campus. He must have been good luck because they defeated Norfolk State 76-60 in the second-round NIT Tournament game!

Sink Legacy, Chuck Morris Signs the Wall of Fame

On February 4th, 2019, former Sink Manager and Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck Morris came to The Sink to sign the Wall of Fame next to his newest caricature.

Morris, alongside KBCO, was celebrated for his achievements in the Colorado music scene by being inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame presented by Comfort Dental on December 3, 2018.

Chef Mark and old friend Chris Fowler from ESPN

Chef Mark and old friend Chris Fowler from ESPN

Our Chef (Mark Gordan) ran into one of his old friends here at The Sink. His friend Chris Fowler a commentator, Game Day anchor for ESPN and alumni of Colorado University decided to sign our wall of fame just to the left of President Obama’s signature!!! He also stopped to get a pic with his friend Chef Mark!!!

President Obama at The Sink

President Obama at The Sink

In one of the most unexpected visits to The Sink of all time, President Obama made it a day that many Sink regulars would not soon forget. We have since re-named the Sinkza pizza the “POTUS” pie. Come in and ask for table 54 to see exclusive photos from Obama’s visit that day!

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr at The Sink!

It's A Special Flip Night at The Sink this week! Come in TONIGHT April 21st for a chance to win 25 cent drinks AND passes for a special advanced screening in Boulder for the new comedy LET’S BE COPS! The stars of the film, Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr., will be in Boulder for the screening so you don’t want to miss out! So come in TONIGHT for cheap drinks and free movie tickets! Check out the trailer for LET’S BE COPS below and we'll see you tonight starting at 10pm!